re-designing a food label

In thinking about my health methods class coming up next quarter, I am thinking about the ways that I can (a) come up with innovative ways to teach health that will inspire healthy change in my students, and (b) use technology to minimize the need for my students to buy expensive textbooks. I am going to archive some ideas here for future reference, but maybe others will find them helpful. Something that I came across via facebook:
is a site where they are looking for re-designs of food labels to better communicate what is in the food. What a great idea! I have had students in the past design food labels of their “ideal” food, but never re-thinking the concept behind the label itself!

Other things I have come across recently:
1. Jamie Oliver’s food revolution-inspiring and conveys the obesity/diabetes crisis happening in this country. Not sure how to use it yet, but perhaps watch an episode and figure out one small change they can make in their own/their family’s eating habits?
2. keeping a food journal, in conjunction with #1
3. having them self-document all of the meanings of “health” and “unhealthy” in their lives–to convey that this is a complicated, value-laden term that their students may not come to school with the same understandings about.

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  1. Jane says:


    In the last chapter they read in their Ayers book (Winter for x12, last night for C16), he does quite a nice discussion of the decision in some districts to put kids’ BMI index on report cards, and then goes on to frame that decision in all sorts of political and economic contexts. We didn’t get to discuss it last night but it could be a good starting point for some of this. Chapter 6, pp 141-2.

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