Jamie Oliver’s food revolution

Just watched my first episodes last night of Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution (what else is there to do at 10pm on a Friday night?), and I am newly inspired about the importance of teaching health to kids. Several thoughts occurred to me at once while watching the show:
1. health education, like anything, doesn’t (and maybe shoudn’t?) happen only during “health”–if it did, we would be in trouble because health is taught less and less in elementary school. Instead, health education happens in all moments of the day–how and when to wash hands, what to eat and how to prepare it, etc. The chocolate milk clip, when Jamie has tons of sugar poured into a school bus, is dramatic and sensationalistic yes, but drives an important point home. Something to think about for my class.
2. health education is something that has great ties to issues of social justice. What is the prevalence of diabetes/obesity by race and class? geographic region? The Tableau data that Robin showed me the other day is going to be really useful in helping me teach about this:

The Geography of Diabetes
The Geography of Diabetes


3. Jamie’s Food Revolution website is going to be a great place for school/teacher resources, especially in thinking about school lunch:

4. an unrelated resource that comes from an awesome teacher friend:
This is a site to check out materials from the poison control center through Mr. Yuk–materials for educators to teach their students about poisoning from household products like cleaners and meds.

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