Looking for modeling tools to use to teach about climate change…

Thinking about using My World GIS as a tool to teach about climate change. It seems complex and rich, with the ability for students to input local data on biodiversity and layer on top of climate change models to predict ecological effects based on climate change models. I also like that it was developed by a fellow learning scientist, Danny Edelson, one of my former profs at Northwestern University and now Vice President for Education at the National Geographic Society.

The question for us is how do you make climate change real to kids–meaning locally relevant and closely tied to their everyday lives–while at the same time making them aware of the magnitude of the problem globally, and empower them to take action and affect change? Environmental messages that tell kids what to do without letting them decide for themselves don’t work–so what does? We think we need to help them consider science alongside their own values when making environmental decisions–and see that they can do something about these problems.

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